Whole Yellow Tail Snapper

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Whole Yellow Tail Snapper
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This is an abundant specie local to our area.  Our fleet of commercial fisherman work tirelessly to bring this product to our tables daily.  Can be fried, sauteed, broiled baked and Grilled. 

The yellowtail snapper is characterized by having an olive to bluish back and upper sides with yellow spots. Its lower sides and belly have alternating narrow, longitudinal pink and yellow stripes. Perhaps most conspicuously, a prominent midlateral yellow stripe begins at the mouth and continues to the caudal fin base, becoming broader as it passes the dorsal fins. The caudal fin is yellow and forked; the anal and pelvic fins are whitish in color. There is no dark lateral spot.  Characteristic of all snappers, most teeth in the upper jaw are densely packed, fine, or hair-like "villiform" teeth with several canine teeth.  The lower jaw has larger villiform teeth.


Yellowtail are nocturnal predators,feeding on shrimp, crabs, worms and smaller fish.  They can be caught on a variety of bait, chumming being one of the more popular angling methods.  Also successful are live and frozen shrimp and/or squid.  Spawning occurs year round, peaking at different times in different locations, with an overall activity decline in the winter months. Juveniles reside inshore in seagrass bed nursery areas that offer protection from predation while they mature and consume invertebrates, crustaceans, and detritus.



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